Donald at the Bat -Day 1326, Suckers and Losers (part 2)

Day 1326, Suckers and Losers 


These “suckers and losers, what’s in it for them?”

Trump’s view of our war dead is doubly grim.

Those who die in war: the supreme sacrifice,

Are “losers and suckers,” according to him.


Some will die in war, the supreme sacrifice.

Who lives and who dies, just a roll of the dice.

The medals, just bronze and the salaries, low,

Trump stayed home eating cake; and the biggest slice.


War medals just bronze and the salaries low,

What matters to Trump, jewels and golden glow.

The concepts of duty and service, unknown,

And honor, as foreign.  What matters?  Cash flow.                                                    


The concepts of duty and service, unknown.

Why fight for a piece of land you do not own?

Trump thinks, “He who dies with the most toys, wins”

Trump just serves himself and himself, alone.