Donald at the Bat – Day 1325, Losers and Suckers

Day 1325, Losers and Suckers 


We’ve learned that Trump can’t understand why soldiers volunteer

To serve their country, risk their lives, not Trump’s kind of career.

And he thinks those who died in battle played a “losers’” game,

Since lying, cheating, business fraud bought Donald wealth and fame.


To serve your nation and your flag, Trump cannot understand.

Why go fight for your country, when you do not own the land?

Why visit soldiers’ cemeteries, if your hair gets wet?

Those soldiers did not fight for Trump, so he’s not in their debt.


And, we all saw how Donald had insulted John McCain,

War hero, tortured, POW, left in lifelong pain.

To call our soldiers, “losers, suckers,” is what Donald said,

Terms even more disgusting, when they’re heaped upon the dead.


Of course, Trump and the White House now have rushed out to deny

That Trump said what’s reported which, if true, means he must lie.

We know Trump lies in comfort but the damage may be done.

What’s been reported just rings true to damn near everyone.


Has anybody noticed that the soldiers Trump has praised

Had fought for the Confederacy and battle flag they raised?

He’s given speeches saying rebel statues should be saved—

The statues of the men who fought to keep black folks enslaved.


So, John McCain’s a loser but Trump praises “Bobby” Lee.

McCain fought for his country; Lee fought for slavery.

If asked to damn the Ku Klux Klan, do you think Donald would?

He wouldn’t honor our Marines who died in Belleau Wood.  (1)


(1)  A battle from June 1 to June 26, 1918, in which the 5th and 6th regiments of American Marines, along with British and French units, stopped a German advance on Paris.  Our Marines lost 1800 men.