Donald at the Bat – Day 1299, The Big 10 Punts the Football

Day 1299, The Big 10 Punts the Football 


The Big 10 voted it is going to punt the football season.

Big money will be lost and Covid 19 is the reason.

Our president is pissed and he has tweeted his displeasure,

Thus demonstrating that he values lives much less than treasure.


Some Red State schools that opened up have seen a rise in cases.

Their governors won’t mandate that kids wear masks on their faces.

Blockheaded governors and kids, what scientists are dreading:

To open up with cases high, invites more super-spreading.


To have a football season makes it look like things are normal,

Though everybody knows damn well the times are quite abnormal.

But Donald does not seem to care about fact, just appearance,

Explaining why his policies have shown such incoherence.


So, lives or money?  The Big 10 just cast a vote for living.

But that’s a choice that Donald Trump will not be soon forgiving.

It’s true that most young athletes, who catch Covid won’t be dying

But they will still be spreaders; of that fact, there’s no denying.


The Donald’s main concern of course, is just his re-election.

No other thoughts influence him, requiring more reflection.

The Donald’s goals are clear: he’ll let kids face their final hour

Content to let them pay the price if he can stay in power.


That is the cost that others pay for Donald’s narcissism.

His lust for gold and power make a fatal synergism.

We must not open schools until infection has receded.

And, in the fall, we must assure that Donald is defeated.