Donald at the Bat – Day 1298, Trump’s Country Club Press Conference

Day 1298, Trump’s Country Club Press Conference 


Trump gave a campaign speech at his Bedminster country club.

His members were invited, bringing drinks in from the pub.

They came to cheer their leader and to jeer the “fake news press.”

They were all Trump supporters; obvious, you needn’t guess.


Though masks were offered; half accepted but the rest did not.

There was no social distancing, in spite of what we’re taught.

They were all white and rich so they did not perceive a threat.

The virus kills the black and poor, so there’s no cause to fret.


Trump still insisted Covid 19 would just disappear,

Which goes against the data, which, by now are very clear.

When he took questions from the press; his members sometimes booed.

But all his minions cheered him when sarcastic, snide, or rude.


The DNI says Russia’s back and helping Trump’s campaign

Which Trump rejected out of hand; he won’t accept the stain.

He did accept that he’s opposed by China and Iran.

True loyalty was on display; Trump’s staying Putin’s man.


Republicans don’t seem to mind; some actively support

Misinformation by the Russians; (there’s a new report.)

Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley spread the word from Russian bots;  (1)

That now seems pretty obvious, connecting all the dots.


The polls show shrinking numbers who support the president,

Retaining just the selfish rich and bigots in his tent.

He needs to have a crowd that cheers; his country club will do.

But, as the cheers fade elsewhere, Donald’s bills are coming due.


(1)  Senator Ron Johnson, (R) Wisconsin.  Senator Chuck Grassley, (R) Iowa.