Donald at the Bat – Day 1296, The Mind of Trump

Day 1296, The Mind of Trump 


Trump very rarely wears a mask,

For none will fit his growing nose.

A mask for him: too much to ask,

The emperor who wears no clothes.


Trump views the mask politically;

Believe the scientists or him.

For those who can’t think critically,

Near all his base: he’s killing them.


Let’s send our children back to school.

If they catch Covid, that’s OK.

Trump maintains, stubborn as a mule,

They’re all resistant, anyway.


That’s not supported by the facts.

Some kids get sick; some even die,

Bring virus home in their backpacks,

Infect grandparents, say goodbye.


We have the virus in control;

More business opens every day.

No need to keep you on the dole

When you can go and work for pay.,


The virus will just go away,

Yes go away, just like things do.

(The problem is that every day,

Ten thousands more sick folks accrue.)


Trump tries to win each slice of time;

To win the moment is his plan.

To lie, for Trump, is not a crime.

Want ethics?  Trump is not your man.


To win the moment, he’ll try flim;

If that won’t work, then he’ll try flam.

Consistency is not for him,

Nor honesty: it’s all a scam.


What he said once, he’ll contradict

And then deny what he said first.

What he’ll say next, you can’t predict.

He’s in the moment, unrehearsed.


Now, everybody knows his game.

What’s troubling: a lot don’t care.

For blame, Trump knows just where to aim;

The fake news press is so unfair.