Donald at the Bat – Day 1295, Misinformation

Day 1295, Misinformation 


Trump spreads misinformation in his briefings every day.

He likes hydroxychloroquine, we all still hear him say.

In thorough studies, Fauci says, no benefit was shown.

So, when Trump keeps on pushing it, all doctors do is groan.


“Our testing is what makes it look like Covid’s widely spread.”

Did testing also cause a hundred sixty thousand dead?

We’re lowering the death rate?  Why do deaths increase each day?

So Trump’s misstatements of the facts have gone quite far astray.


Let’s move on to the mail-in vote, which Trump says is a fraud,

Although he votes by mail himself; (that’s “absentee,” not flawed.)

And mail-in votes are paper, which the Russians have not hacked.

If Putin cannot help him, Donald Trump might get shellacked.


Trump spreads misinformation, creates chaos and mistrust,

The clarity of what he says, opaque, a cloud of dust.

Incompetence and ignorance—you’d think would do him in.

So, what would that imply of us, if Trump should win again?


“The Democrats are stalling unemployment aid today.”

(Pelosi’s House had passed a bill ten weeks ago, in May,)

Which sat on Mitch McConnell’s desk, the way Mitch plays the game.

Then he replied late in July, the Democrats to blame?


There’s almost nothing Donald Trump does not misrepresent,

Like history, science, and experts, we know he must resent.

With ignorance and lies and shovelfuls of plain bullshit,

When Donald Trump says something, truth is just the opposite.