Donald at the Bat – Day 1214, Can Trump Play the Fiddle?

Day 1214, Can Trump Play the Fiddle? 


We’ve read Nero fiddled while Rome was burning

But Donald Trump can’t play the fiddle.

And, there’s little chance of Donald Trump learning;

All Trump can do is lie and diddle.


But now it’s not fire; it’s COVID that’s spreading

And thousands have died in our nation.

This was the disaster Donald was dreading;

He can’t win by prevarication.


We’re in a pandemic; Donald is leading;

His strategy: to blame Obama.

Read of the warnings that Trump was not heeding;

Trump stars in a sad psychodrama.


Watch on your TV when Donald is speaking;

“We’ve done the most tests; we’re the greatest.”

Now look at the death rate COVID is wreaking.

We’re first now but started the latest.


We have the most cases, most people dying,

“Could we have done better?” your question.

Science defying, Trump’s base not complying,

Relying on Donald’s digestion.


“Open up business,” what Trump is now saying,

A healthy Dow Jones should inspire us.

But it’s pretty clear the game he is playing

And why he’s ignoring the virus.


He does not care much for COVID infection.

He’s focused on his re-election.

For, what he fears most is voter’s rejection

And no place to poke his erection.