Donald at the Bat – Day 1213, Limericks

Day 1213, Limericks


Resigned to accepting more dead,

The Swedes will just let COVID spread.

As the herd’s immunized,

It gets somewhat downsized,

“We’ll live with more death,” Sweden said.


Is that now Trump’s new alchemy?

Spend lives for his economy?

When the market’s robust,

Donald will not combust

And burn in Hellfire’s  infamy.


Now Trump feels his tail feathers singe;

He’s furious, bent on revenge.

It’s Obama, that crook,

Who put Trump on the hook.

Trump’s mind swings on only one hinge.


The Donald’s gone bankrupt before;

It looks like he’ll do it once more.

Although, this time the cost,

Is more lives will be lost,

And COVID will run up the score.


As COVID 19 kills more folks,

Trump cannot maintain it’s a hoax.

Though we know he will try,

We’ll all see it’s a lie,

Except for his basest base folks.


Obama is always to blame;

And Democrats, Donald will claim.

Economy flaccid:

Trump cannot stay placid.

Tumescence is most of Trump’s game.



“Vaccine, no vaccine, we are back!”

“We are charging, though riding bareback.”

If more people get sick,

Trump will still do his shtick.

We must get markets back in the black.


At testing, Trump claims, “We’re the best!”

But doctors say, “Surely you jest.”

Although Donald may spout,

We’re still facing a drought,

Of knowledge that must be addressed.


Donald’s colon is his guiding light,

A place where things are not too bright.

When confronted by facts,

Donald bullshits, attacks,

Facts or bullshit?  Our nation’s fight.