Donald at the Bat – Day 1189, Protesters

Day 1189, Protesters 


Some Southern states seceded in the nineteenth century.

They started our great Civil War, defending slavery.

And now they’re doing it again, to save COVID disease.

They say they’ll open businesses, in spite of doctors’ pleas.


“Maintain your social distance,” all the scientists agree.

But, they are mostly Democrats; Red States want to be free.

No life-saving restrictions; (ICU beds are not full.)

(George Custer took his chances and ran into Sitting Bull.) (1)


We don’t have testing data to show businesses are safe.

It’s scientists and Democrats against whom Red States chafe.

And Trump is fond of openings…as Stormy Daniels knows.

He thinks that open businesses make him smell like a rose.


Trump’s experts counsel, “Stay at home;” protesters demonstrate.

Trump, seeing his base voters there, has tweeted, “LIBERATE!”

Disease or business, take your pick; claim credit but not blame.

Trump calculates his short-term gain; it’s all a ratings game.


So now, we’ll wait a little while…the second week in May…

As Red States fill their ICUs, more death is on the way.

And Trump will say, “You can’t blame me; nobody could have known,

“If these states opened up too soon, more COVID would be sown.”


“Tatoos, massage, get your hair done; let’s all go out to eat.

“We’re battling the government and won’t kneel in defeat.

“And we are fighting scientists; they’re mostly Democrats.

“Our freedoms must not compromise with scientific stats.”


“We’ll fight hit the beach on Sunday or we’ll go to church and pray.

“To hell with social distancing; we’ll pray disease away.

“We rose up once before, though we could not save slavery.

“Stay free to die of COVID; on to Pyrrhic Victory!” (2)


(1)  The Battle of the Little Bighorn (river) took place on June 25 and 26, 1876.

George Custer grossly underestimated the size of the Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapaho force facing him, attacked, and was wiped out.  Crazy Horse and Gall were instrumental in the victory.  Sitting Bull stayed in the encampment, not well enough to fight.

(2)  King Pyrrhus of Epirus, Greece, defeated a Roman army in 279 BCE, but lost most of his best officers and men in the battle.  The Romans were able to recover and resupply but King Pyrrhus was not.