Donald at the Bat – Day 1178, The Easter Parade (parody to ‘Easter Parade’)

Day 1178, The Easter Parade (1)


Don’t go to church this Sunday;

Stay home like it was Monday.

For God’s sake, don’t go strolling in an Easter Parade.

For big crowds spread infection,

Some may need resurrection,

When gathered in a church or in an Easter Parade.


On the avenue…

In a church pew…

Covid 19 may strike you

And you’ll find that you’re on a ventilator.


So, keep your social distance;

Don’t let your faith’s insistence

Make you a sad statistic of the Easter Parade.


(1)  May be sung to “The Easter Parade,” by Irving Berlin (1933.) It has been recorded by many artists and has been sung in several movies.  The best known, Easter Parade, starred Judy Garland and Fred Astaire in 1948.