Donald at the Bat – Day 1173, Donald and the Truth (A Waltz for our time)

Day 1173, Donald and the Truth (A waltz for our time.) 


Donald was told at the first of the year,

COVID 19, pretty soon would be here.

But he delayed for two months, we now know;

Didn’t do anything but watch it grow.


Trump’s thoughts emerge out of his GI tract.

He can’t distinguish his fiction from fact.

Science has trained human brains how to think.

Brains recognize those ideas that stink.


Chorus:  It’s beyond me why Trump’s colon appeals

To all those folks who give Donald a pass.

Donald is moving from what his gut feels,

Straight on to blowing it out of his ass.


Donald Trump speaks but we cannot rely

On what he says; it’s too often a lie.

Fact checkers question him; he gets upset,

For he’s misstated how bad things would get.


 Donald Trump thinks that we all ought to praise

Him for his leadership in these dark days.

He is our general; we are at war:

Draft-dodging general, never before.


Chorus: It’s beyond me….       


Trump knows the truth is his arch enemy.

Truth is “fake news,” even worse, blasphemy.

COVID 19 sees right through Trump’s BS,

As, we might add, do the folks in the press.


This epidemic still grows, day by day.

Trump has told us it will all go away.

Trump thinks his role is to manage PR,

A TV show in which he is the star.


Chorus:  Who has to die due to Donald’s delay?

All we can say is that Trump has not led.

How many die due to lies told each day?

Misstate the facts and more people are dead.