Donald at the Bat – Day 1172, Test Tube and Scientists, All of That Stuff

Day 1172, Test Tubes and Scientists, All of That Stuff 


Test tubes and scientists, all of that stuff,

People are dying, there’s not time enough.

Donald feels chloroquine may be the cure:

Desperate measures, this virus is tough.


Donald’s no doctor, though he’s feeling sure

Hydroxychloroquine may be the cure.

Trump trusts the feelings he gets from his gut,

Products the rest of us flush down the sewer.


We wish that Donald kept his anus shut,

Instead of trusting the stuff in his gut.

Can’t wait for data and for scientists,

Trump trusts his gut to supply a shortcut.


Trust Fauci’s brain and trust our scientists,

Or Donald’s gut as he daily insists?

I’ll go for scientists and all that stuff.

It may be fatal to trust narcissists.