Donald at the Bat – Day 1169, Misdirection

Day 1169, Misdirection


In bizarre misdirection, Trump said,

“It will help us combat virus spread,

“If we stop all the thugs

“Who are smuggling drugs.”

How did this get into Donald’s head?


Once again, Donald turned to his Wall

And assured us this plague would not stall

The construction he touts,

In case we had our doubts,

He is giving the army a call.


He knows soldiers obey his command

And do whatever he might demand.

Though they’re impetulant,

And they’re irrelevant,

To the problem that is clearly at hand.


And, so our automakers won’t strain,

He just told them that they could refrain

From their needless attempt

To keep air clean—exempt,

Thus reversing Obama’s campaign.


Fight drug smugglers; let autos pollute;

You’ll admit that these moves don’t compute.

Since it’s COVID 19,

Why put up a smokescreen?

Does the Donald know where he should shoot?