Donald at the Bat – Day 1168, What Will We Learn?

Day 1168, What Will We Learn? 


Today the date is April first.

It’s known to all as “April Fool.”

This year’s absurdity, the worst:

A holocaust with human fuel.


A virus, exponential growth,

There’s no resistance, no vaccine.

Until we have developed both,

The death rate will remain obscene.


This is the problem Malthus saw;

Pandemics are a part of life.

It’s nature, red in tooth and claw:

If not disease, then murderous strife.


When Darwin read what Malthus said,

He asked, “Who will remain alive?”

As we watch this contagion spread,

It is the fittest who survive.


So, who is “fit?”  Who’ll still be here,

With virus cleared and corpses burned?

Our future course is far from clear.

It’s fair to ask, what will be learned?