Donald at the Bat – Day 1150, A State of Emergency

Day 1150, A State of Emergency 


Well, finally Trump has declared

A national emergency

To show us all how much he cared

For our stock market’s solvency.


He told us all how markets rose

When traders learned what he had planned.

The Dow Jones shot up at the close;

Investors cheered throughout the land.


We know coronavirus spread

Is still in exponential phase.

But, yesterday the Donald said

He takes no blame for his delays.


A Chinese virus: foreign fault,

That shows the wisdom of a wall.

For travel bans and walls will halt

Spread of disease to none at all.


But Trump was late to slam the door;

The virus was already here.

Now, we will watch infections soar.

Though Trump wants praise, no cause to cheer.


It’s now in our communities,

So travel bans are not much use.

And tax cuts?  Such amenities

Won’t slow down virus on the loose.


In testing, we are way behind;

We simply don’t know where we are.

That means we’re flying partly blind,

Our pilot’s brain, not up to par.


Perhaps that means that we should pray,

While others say, “Hope for the best.”

The forecast, though, is skies of gray.

Is this God’s wrath made manifest?