Donald at the Bat – Day 1106, Matching Wits with Dershowitz

Day 1106, Matching Wits with Dershowitz 


Trump really thinks he made a perfect call.

Extortion doesn’t bother him at all.

“What’s wrong with acting for my benefit?”

“I am the state; now just get over it.”


“And Alan Dershowitz says it’s OK.

“It’s OK to abuse my power this way.

“What benefits me, benefits the state.

“It’s all OK, if that’s my mental state.”


“It’s not impeachable, abuse of power.

“You’ll have to sit and watch as I devour

“The Constitution and democracy;

“You’ll benefit from my autocracy.


“If I have Dershowitz, do I need God?

“Who needs the Ten Commandments?  They are flawed.

“They say I can’t commit adultery

“But Alan says, “ ‘Whatever pleases me.’ ”


“While I am president, you genuflect.

“The nation has to do what I direct.

“You all must listen to what Alan said.

“What’s right and true is what is in my head.”


“I’ve been set free since Alan turned me loose.

“What’s good for me just cannot be abuse.

“What’s good for me’s good for the USA,

“Our solar system and the Milky Way!”