Donald at the Bat – Day 1105, Witnesses

Day 1105, Witnesses 


Fulfilling all predictions, Mitch is whipping up the vote

To make sure his Republicans do not jump off the boat.

He needs a vote to say they’ll have no witness testify.

Then Trump can be acquitted and they’ll let impeachment die.


McConnell has now given up all pretense to be fair.

The polls show folks want witnesses; McConnell doesn’t care.

For Mitch this is about preserving his majority

And making sure that Shumer’s stuck with his minority.


John Bolton says he’ll testify about the book he wrote.

McConnell knows this means that Trump’s defense can’t stay afloat.

John says Trump told him face to face about the quid pro quo.

A first hand witness?  Most Republicans cry, “Heavens, no!”


We’ll have two days of questions, then on Friday, there’s a vote

For witnesses; we’ll hear a “yea” or “nay” from every throat.

A trial should have witnesses; it should have documents.

But Mitch is very clear; he wants no stinkin’ evidence.


The evidence is piling high; it’s pretty clear what’s true.

It’s getting hard for Mitch to do what he has pledged to do.

More witnesses, more evidence, then they might not acquit.

Might justice mean conviction?  That’s a thought Mitch can’t permit.


So Mitch is whipping votes like mad; right now there’s not enough.

He’s wheedling, cajoling, and with some, he’s getting rough.

McConnell has ‘til Friday to get fifty one in line.

If Collins and Mitt Romney jump, Mitch thinks he’ll still be fine.