Donald at the Bat – Day 1103, Bolton’s Bomb

Day 1103, Bolton’s Bomb


John Bolton’s bomb just hit

And Trump will throw a fit,

The Bolton book confirms what we all know,

That Donald made it plain,

He tried to force Ukraine 

To toast Joe Biden’s ass, a quid pro quo.


Republicans, Trump’s base,

And his defense’s case,

Were blown up by what Bolton had to say.

Perhaps they are not scared;

We know they have not cared

What all the evidence shows, anyway.


Now, will the Donald claim

His privilege, to game

The system, as we know he’s wont to do?


Or, might he go to court,

Thus hoping to abort

The facts that everybody knows are true?


Trump’s had the book four weeks

But could not plug the leaks.

Did someone in the White House do him wrong?

Have they grown tired of lies,

The whole Trump enterprise?

Did one of Donald’s stagehands bang the gong?


The case in Trump’s defense

Today will re-commence.

They’ll obfuscate the best way that they can.

The problem they can’t hide,

That now pollutes their side,

As we’re aware, the shit just hit the fan.