Donald at the Bat – Day 1102, Trumpery

Day 1102, Trumpery 


For senators who’re looking for a reason to acquit,

The White House lawyers probably have just provided it.

Ukrainians were unaware that Trump was screwing them,

And therefore there was nothing for the Senate to condemn.


Ukrainians were unaware?  We know that is untrue,

For they asked Guiliani what they were obliged to do,

To get a White House meeting.  He told them, “Investigate

“Joe Biden,” hoping his campaign would just disintegrate.


Zelensky did not do it, so the White House slammed the door

But opened it to Russians, showing us what Trump stands for.

Republicans don’t seem to mind, like Russians were our friends.

When did this friendship happen?  (When it suited Donald’s ends.)


But Trump is still not happy, for his lawyers did not say

That his phone call was perfect; they just argued shades of gray.

It also looks like they don’t want to have more evidence

Or witnesses, as we suspected, quibbling defense.


Republicans will fall in line; they fear the president.

They do not want their heads on pikes, if Trump is not content.

And some expressed outrage when Schiff said Trump had threatened them.

Outrage at Schiff but not at Trump.  (They are afraid of him.)


Next we will hear from Dershowitz, the Libertarian.

Defender of O.J. and Epstein, a contrarian.

He’ll say that what Trump did was wrong but not impeachable,

For while the Donald’s president, he is unreachable.


Most scholars disagree with Dersh (as he does with himself.)

He’s arguing the opposite in tapes still on the shelf.

Today, Trump cannot be impeached without a clear cut crime.

But in Bill Clinton’s case, the Dersh said all we need is slime.


And Lindsey Graham said that too, at least he did back then.

But now both he and Dershowitz are getting off of sin.

For there’s no greater sinner in our country’s history

And Donald gives new meaning to that old word, “trumpery.”  (Look it up)