Donald at the Bat – Day 1100 (no 1099), When Right No Longer Matters (Adam Schiff’s Summation)

Day 1100, When Right No Longer Matters  (Adam Schiff’s Summation) 


When right no longer matters, we are lost.

If right now counts for nothing, what’s the cost?

When politics and party count for more,

Right dies like budding fruit in springtime frost.


When truth no longer matters, we will die.

If truth now counts for nothing, death draws nigh.

Autocracy and not democracy

Will see its bloody banner waved on high.


And now right-wingers stand against what’s right.

They stand against what’s right with all their might.

Our president, a man who would be king:

Those who believe in right must stand and fight.


The Constitution or autocracy?

Law, truth and justice found democracy.

And, if what’s right is not our guiding light,

Democracy will die: our legacy.