Donald at the Bat – Day 1098, The Democrat’s Case

Day 1098, The Democrat’s Case 


Today the Democrats laid out their case,

Reviewing testimony, time, and place.

Trump withheld Ukraine’s aid, a quid pro quo,

His act, illegal as well as disgrace.


If you have read newspapers, then you know

That Trump tried to extract a quid pro quo.

Investigating Biden was the price

Ukraine must pay so that our aid would flow.


Of course, a White House meeting would be nice.

Zelensky, though, would have to pay the price

And help the Donald with his Biden smear.

When Trump gives you a pie, he wants a slice.


So Trump and Rudy made it very clear,

Zelensky had to help the Biden smear.

No meeting and no military aid,

The money was the point of Donald’s spear.


That’s how our public trust has been betrayed:

No meeting and no military aid.

Though crystal clear that Trump abused his power,

Republicans don’t seem like they’ll be swayed.


The senators, in this, their judgment hour,

All recognize that Trump abused his power.

But judgment’s colored by what voters think.

Who’ll vote the facts?  Who’ll show they have willpower?