Donald at the Bat – Day 1088, Lies or Bullshit?

Day 1088, Lies or Bullshit? 


It is a standard Trumpster trait;

He just can’t keep his stories straight.

Explaining Soleimani’s hit,

He mixed up lies and plain bullshit.


Psychiatrists ask, “Does Trump lie?”

When he says something, staffers cry.

They know it’s something he just thought

And likely only his base bought.


What Donald makes up on the spot,

Or while he’s tweeting on the pot,

Or maybe in the tanning booth,

It matters not, falsehood or truth.


That’s not a lie; it is just bull,

The stuff with which his colon’s full.

Trump says he trusts his GI tract

And we can smell that that’s a fact.


So, why ask for Trump’s reasoning?

For bullshit with more seasoning,

No matter what Fox News may say

Becomes more fetid, day by day.


So, what might be the remedy

For this ongoing tragedy?

Trump threw truth underneath the bus.

The problem though, began with us.