Donald at the Bat – Day 1087, Will John Bolton Testify?

Day 1087, Will John Bolton Testify? 


John Bolton says he’ll testify.

Trump says he’ll block him.  Wonder why?

Trump says he’s claiming privilege

To save the office.  What a guy!


Trump says that future presidents

All ought to have full confidence

That conversations, free and frank,

Will have no dreaded consequence.


But privilege can’t hide a crime,

OK, perhaps a little slime,

Like ethnic slurs and dirty jokes.

But crimes?  Then it’s impeachment time.


And Bolton says he knows a lot.

So, should we hear what John has got?

McConnell and Trump both say, “No!”

Is what John Bolton knows too hot?


We know Trump doesn’t give a damn

About the office.  That’s a sham.

Unless he’s in it, then he cares.

But, right now, Trump is in a jam.


If privilege will save his ass

And he thinks Mitch will let it pass,

Then Trump will make this bogus claim,

To save him from this last morass.


And, if Trump thinks he’s in the clear,

Then all the world will quake in fear

Of all the Donald might do next.

How smart are we to let Trump steer?


And, who is watching all the while,

No stomach cramps, no rising bile,

At all the chaos Donald wreaks?

The Russians see Vlad Putin smile.