Donald at the Bat – Day 1071, If Our Axis Were Not Leaning

Day 1071, If Our Axis Were Not Leaning


If Earth’s axis was not leaning,

There would be no winter season

And no yearly springtime greening.

It’s the leaning that’s the reason.


There would be no need for Ceres  (1)

Or god’s death and resurrection,

Or the other myths and theories

Priests invented on reflection.


There would be no disappearance

Of the sun, then its returning

In the summer reappearance,

Causing suntans and sunburning.


Now we know the Earth is tilting,

Which explains spring, summer, autumn.

And explains why leaves are wilting.

But… put lights up if you bought ‘em.


For, it seems we need a reason

To be joyful, gay, and festive,

When it’s snowy and it’s freezin’

And the kids are getting restive.


To be loving to all others,

Should we need the birth of Jesus?

Science says we’re sisters, brothers.

Why be nice just when it freezes?


(1)  Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture, grain, fertility, etc who went down to Hades each winter and came back out each spring.  From her name, we get, “cereal.”