Donald at the Bat – Day 1070, Dark as a Dungeon (parody to “Dark as a Dungeon”)

Day 1070, Dark as a Dungeon  (1) 


Young folks of Kentucky, it’s time to believe,

In next year’s election, McConnell must leave.

He’s been a bad habit that stains every soul.

And we know his heart is as black as the coal.

His soul, like a dungeon that’s deep, dark, and cold,

Belongs to the devil, to whom it was sold.

For years in the Senate, his fortune has grown.

Poor folks in Kentucky still moan and still groan.


With Mitch in the Senate, they only produce

Conservative judges, like shit through a goose.

He’s called the Grim Reaper; almost no bills pass

But tax cuts for rich folks go through smooth as glass.

He works with the Russians just like Donald Trump.

They both ask, “How high?” when Vlad Putin says, “Jump!”

So, let us agree that it’s time to demote

McConnell and Donald.  Now, get out and vote!


(1)  May be sung to “Dark as a Dungeon,” a song about coal mining by Merle Travis, 1946.  There are several recordings by many artists.