Donald at the Bat – Day 1052, Impeachment Hearings

Day 1052, Impeachment Hearings 


Impeachment hearings?  Trump said, “No!”

He told his lawyers not to go.

But, later on, he’ll take command

And, in the Senate, make a stand.


“Republicans will side with me.

“They dare not risk the infamy

“To vote conviction in my case,

“Since they fear me and fear my base.”


“Impeachment is a cruel hoax,

“The foulest of the left-wing jokes.

“Removing me is just absurd;

“I’m royalty, like George III.”


Trump is a budding autocrat.

He’s not a “small d” democrat,

Holds regulations in contempt,

And, from the law, thinks he’s exempt.


Sins numerous as starry skies,

An ego greater than king-size:

Will Congress bring him down to earth,

Deflating his inflated girth?


An emperor who has no clothes,

When passing by, best hold your nose.

When Donald Trump lets something pass,

Just take a whiff; it’s all swamp gas.