Donald at the Bat – Day 1051, Back from NATO, on to Impeachment

Day 1051, Back From NATO, On to Impeachment 


Trump has returned from NATO early, in a deep blue mood.

When NATO leaders laughed at him, he nearly came unglued.

So, Trump picked all his marbles up, and packed, and flew away.

If he would be the butt of jokes, then Donald would not stay.


We saw Trudeau, Macron, and Johnson, joke with Princess Anne, 

What a buffoon the Donald is!  They don’t respect “our” man.

He seems to want to weaken NATO, which is Putin’s goal.

Some even worry that the Donald is a Russian mole.


Before he was elected, Trump said, “They all laugh at us.”

His statement threw Barack Obama underneath the bus,

Although Obama was respected, even loved by some.

In contrast, world leaders think that Donald is a bum.


So, what can we do with Trump, who’s a menace to us all?

Well, there’s a new election: 2020, in the fall.

But Donald Trump has shown us all that he will cheat again.

We cannot risk another term with Putin as kingpin.


Pelosi says we must impeach; the evidence is there,

Though Donald says it’s all a “hoax, a witch hunt, and not fair.”

High crimes and misdemeanors pile up higher every week.

There’s just no way, that one can say the evidence is weak.


Now, the House will vote impeachment, then we’ll have a Senate trial.

Does that mean Donald’s fate will be left up to Mitch’s guile?

The Constitution says that the Chief Justice shall preside.

Will Roberts take control?  Will we see John and Mitch collide?


McConnell let the Donald do whatever he desired.

It’s inconceivable that Mitch would now tell Trump, “You’re fired!”

So it is up to Roberts to see that the trial is fair.

Though politics will govern, of which Roberts is aware.


The evidence is clear, which the Republicans ignore. 

They seem to like an autocrat, which Democrats abhor.

What does John Roberts value?  Donald values gold and power.

In this trial, will we witness our republic’s final hour?