Donald at the Bat – Day 1032, The Phone Call

Day 1032, The Phone Call


We’ll have to ask the Russians for a transcript of the call

That Gordon Sondland made to Trump; they would have heard it all.

We now know Sondland called Trump from a restaurant in Kiyv,

A cell phone call and unsecured: are they both that naive?


We know the Russians listened, as did others in the room.

They did not have to try hard; Trump was shouting, they assume.

So Sondland had to hold his phone some distance from his ear,

So it would broadcast to the room and other folks could hear.


Will that which Donald said then be enough to cook his goose?

He asked about “investigations,” tightening his noose.

He said he did not “give a shit” for anything but that.

Joe Biden is “the big stuff.”  Ukraine? They are just a gnat.


The people at the table were appalled as Trump went wild,

Except of course, Vlad Putin, who we know just sat and smiled.

Now Sondland’s ass is in a sling; next week he testifies.

Will he “amend” the record to “correct” his former lies?


Since Roger Stone was just convicted for his perjury,

As he tried to hide Donald Trump’s and Putin’s treachery,

In 2016 with the hacking and with WikiLeaks;

Now Sondland knows it could mean prison time if he “misspeaks.”


This evidence is Trump’s own voice, no longer secondhand,

Which means we have “ear witnesses” to what Trump said, “first hand,”

As Trump confirmed the quid pro quo of missiles for Ukraine,

The quid, which he would trade for quo, some help in his campaign.


Trump cares about himself and not about the USA.

We’ve known this since “day one” but it gets clearer every day.

And yet Republicans defend him; what is wrong with them?

What does it say of those defending what they should condemn?