Donald at the Bat – Day 1026, Veterans (Armistice) Day

Day 1026, Veterans (Armistice) Day


As we all know by now, the “War to End All Wars” did not.

We kept doing what we did; we kept getting what we got.

Religious wars and tribal wars and wars annexing land,

Are variations on a theme: damn “others,” take a stand!


The War to End All Wars helped cause the spread of “Spanish Flu,”

And fifty million deaths worldwide, more than the battles slew.

Now we have vaccines for the flu but no vaccines for war.

The Holocaust and World War II were worse than those before.


Of course, we still have influenza; some won’t take vaccines.

And vaccines are not perfect; viruses mutate their genes.

But we’re not even trying to stop wars; that’s obvious.

Our country makes huge profits selling arms; that’s odious.


So, soldiers die, lose limbs and minds, and borders rearrange.

Religions rise and fall with gods and cultures forced to change.

How does the average person benefit?  That’s hard to say.

But benefit or not, wars have persisted to this day.


The basis of all wars is known; war is armed robbery.

The undertakers always win, a simple summary.

We’ve fought wars since we separated from the chimpanzees.

Is there a vaccine that will free us of this foul disease?