Donald at the Bat – Day 1025b, Wall Street Assurance (parody to Blessed Assurance hymn)

Day 1025b, Wall Street Assurance (1)


Blessed assurance, Mike’s one of us.

Lizzie and Bernie have kicked up a fuss.

Both want a wealth tax, big stomach ache;

Mike Bloomberg won’t allow that mistake.


We will breathe easy if Mike gets in;

Banking our billions is not a sin.

Can Mike bring Donald Trump to his end,

And save our wealth, though we may have sinned?


We’ve always promised, wealth trickles down

But it doesn’t trickle to shantytown.

In fact, this theory never proves true.

Our wealth stays held by only a few.


We have deep pockets; we have short arms.

Progressive taxes?  Sound the alarms.

Those with deep pockets have to stay armed.

Progressive taxes?  We are alarmed.


We know Mike Bloomberg is competent,

Unlike the man who is now president.

Everyone knows that Trump is a fraud.

How can his base think he’s sent by God?


We need a winner who can assure

He can beat Donald.  Is Mike the cure?

Trump is a sickness we have endured;

We need a winner; we must be cured.


  1. May be sung to “Blessed Assurance,” 1873, words by Fanny Crosby, music by Phoebe Knapp.