Donald at the Bat – Day 1025a, Michael Bloomberg’s Getting In?

Day 1025, Michael Bloomberg’s Getting In?


If Michael Bloomberg should get in,

Which New York billionaire would win?

(Though Mike’s a multi-billionaire,

The Donald may have never been.)


Since Liz and Bernie put a scare

In every Wall Street billionaire,

With Bloomberg, they sigh in relief;

They think he won’t demand they share.


Though Mike might give the rich relief,

Do most of us want him as chief?

For Mike’s a five foot six inch Jew.

Does Mike profess the wrong belief?


Since Bernie also is a Jew,

What would the right-wing Christians do,

Should either Mike or Bernie win?

Would they stay Donald’s faithful crew?


So, do we think that Mike could win?

Or, is he too late getting in?

Who needs another billionaire?

Perhaps we won’t do that again.