Donald at the Bat – Day 1023, What We Believe

Day 1023, What We Believe


The first things we hear, the first things we see,

Are likely to stick in our memory.

It’s good to pay heed to this basic rule,

The first lesson taught in political school.

The first things we see, the first things we hear,

Are what we believe; the concept is clear.


What others repeat, the things we hear most,

If on the TV or some Facebook post,

That’s what we’ll believe and what we’ll defend,

And, when we’re on line, will likely resend.

The things we hear most, what others repeat,

Will stick in our heads; they’re hard to delete.


From some trusted friend, from some trusted source,

What we hear from them, we’ll credit, of course.

It’s easy to say, “Well, so and so said…”

And then we’ll repeat what we have been fed.

From some trusted source, from some trusted friend,

We’ll keep what we’ve heard; it’s tough to rescind.


An outrageous claim that no one rebuts,

(Like Trump always makes his thirty foot putts,)

We tend to believe without evidence,

Although such a claim just doesn’t make sense.

When no one rebuts an outrageous claim,

A lot will believe; that’s part of the game.


The first, said the most, unchallenged, from friends:

That’s what we believe, analysis ends.

That’s how our mind works, psychology clear,

Whatever the source, professor or seer.

Unchallenged, from friends, heard first, heard the most:

Opinions are formed; new data are toast.