Donald at the Bat – Day 1022, The New Kentucky Sun (parody to ‘My Old Kentucky Home’)

Day 1022, The New Kentucky Sun  (1) 


Oh, the sun just rose in Kentucky once again;

The Democrats won the State House.

There will be sunlight where the dark clouds once had been,

With Matt Bevin acting like a louse.

Now the Donald tweets while he’s stomping on the floor.

The trend that began in ’18,

With Republicans being swept out of the door,

Might go on until they’ve been swept clean.



Weep no more my lady;

Let bourbon flow today.

Though it’s just one race for Kentucky governor,

It’s a cause for feeling bright and gay.


We have seen hard times with the closing of the mines,

Where black lung once threatened our lives,

And now opioids take our lives and scramble minds.

But our old Kentucky home survives.


Can the Democrats help our miners to retrain?

The future is not looking bright.

The Republicans left us circling the drain;

That is why we’re telling them, “Good night.”


Chorus:  Weep no more my lady….


Will McConnell’s shorts turn brown after what we’ve done?

What does it mean for him next year?

For no one likes Mitch, though an old, Kentucky son,

And now we have Governor Beshear.

And will Mitch go on daily kissing Donald’s ass,

Or will he get up off his knees?

It is hard to claim you’re a gentleman of class,

When your brown nose makes you sneeze and wheeze.


(1)   May be sung to “My Old Kentucky Home,” by Stephen Foster, 1852.  This song, originally titled, “Poor Uncle Tom, Good Night,” was likely inspired by the publication of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” by Harriet Beecher Stowe, also in 1852.  Foster’s original lyrics were clearly anti-slavery. He used the term, “darkies,” which was changed to “people” by an act of the Kentucky legislature in 1986. “My Old Kentucky Home” has been the state song since 1928.  It has been recorded, with some variations, many, many times. I recommend versions by Tom Roush and Paul Robeson.