Donald at the Bat – Day 1006, Donald, Donald, We Support You (parody to ‘Ode to Joy’)

Day 1006, Donald, Donald, We Support You  (1)


Donald, Donald, we support you

With a fast, enduring love.

May the liberals never thwart you;

You were sent by God above.

Blindly faithful to our preachers

Drives the dark of doubt away.

We’ll oppose all the impeachers;

Fox News speaks and we obey.


All your buildings, every story,

Even porn stars you have laid,

All contribute to your glory,

Even taxes you evade.

We don’t know why you like Putin

But we will give you a pass.

Though your speech ain’t highfallutin’

We all love it when you’re crass.


We’ve joined in a raucous chorus

Since your leadership began.

Though you have not done much for us.

Everyone remains a fan.

Coal mines stay closed; jobs still leaving,

Rich got a big tax break.

Your great talent is deceiving;

We believe those facts are fake. 


(1)  May be sung to An die Freude, (Ode to Joy) poem by Josef Schiller, 1785, revised, 1808.  The music is the well-known chorus of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, 1824. English words were written by Henry Van Dyke in 1907.