Donald and His Billionaires

The billionaires are coming back to Donald.
Joe Biden says they must pay their fair share.
But Trump says that he’ll give them more big tax cuts,
For being taxed like others isn’t fair.

They know that Trump wants to be a dictator
But they think that their billions insulate
From every possible Trump depredation.
And therefore, their hearts do not palpitate.

It isn’t that they can’t afford Joe’s taxes,
Their super rich lifestyles won’t change a bit.
But lots of billionaires want still more money
So, paying more in taxes doesn’t fit.

For super rich folks, their chief god is money.
They think, with Donald Trump, that they’ll keep more.
But Donald Trump likes other people’s money.
For he is avaricious to his core.

The super rich don’t mind the autocratic,
Which is what Donald promises to be.
They think that Donald Trump means, “plutocratic,”
But what if Trump starts singing, “dough: pay ME.”

So rich folks will give Trump a “little” money,
A million bucks ain’t nothing much to them.
But, what if Donald gets confiscatory,
And tells them, “Fill my coffers to the brim?”

The plutocrats think they’ll survive dictators.
Historically, that’s not how it works out.
Just look how Putin treats his oligarchy.
They’ve all learned painfully who has the clout.

You’d better not let Donald get behind you,
For he will pick your pocket, sure as hell.
And, don’t be confident that Trump won’t screw you.
Ask E. Jean Carroll; she knows Donald well.