April 11 – Donald’s Coming Trial

In just a week, Trump will be tried, now risking durance vile.
So Trump is really terrified by certainty of trial.
He’s trying every legal move to squash the evidence,
For he knows courts will disapprove; he has no good defense.

Now Donald’s filed a civil suit, demanding a delay,
Plus giving Judge Merchan the boot, postponing judgement day.
A change of venue also sought, (New Yorkers don’t like him;)
For Donald knows that he’s been caught, chance for acquittal, dim.

His latest lawsuit antics now show Donald’s rising chyme.
Poor Donald Trump is frantic now that he might do some time.
Though he says incarceration means “martyred” for his base,
Instead, such hallucination shows how much he fears this case.

Donald Trump is no Mandela, a martyr in no way.
No, Trump’s just a grifty fella seeking his next payday.
Donald Trump is facing prison, for payoffs that he tried.
Now he claims he’s like Christ, risen, after he’s crucified.

Donald suffers the illusion he’s better than the rest.
His Mandela, Christ delusion, just beating of his chest.
Do not give Trump any credit as demigod or god.
Loyal Trumpists just don’t get it; there’s nothing there to laud.

Donald’s showing desperation, with justice clamping down.
Judges show exasperation; Trump stains his undies brown.
Will results in this election depend on Trump’s verdict?
Will Trump’s base lose their affection if Donald’s a convict?