April 12, Lack of Expertise

Do congressmen pass laws on things they do not understand?
Do judges issue rulings about facts they don’t command?
State legislatures wrestle with abortion: con or pro…
More governed by religion, not the facts they ought to know.

Our science and technology require new expertise.
Complexity of both will necessarily increase.
New medicines and methodologies arise apace.
In fact, change comes so fast that one might think we’re in a race.

Most politicians’ educations show a deficit
In science and technology, which may make them unfit.
The same for some constituents, so spouting ignorance
Helps some get re-elected. There are ample precedents.

Most judges’ training also lacks much scientific base,
So, tendencies toward left or right influence every case.
Supposed to be impartial, everybody knows they’re not.
In fact, some are appointed, hoping that they can be bought.

While science and technology are clearly moving fast,
In this race, laws and justice can’t keep up and come in last.
An Arizona court let ignorance barge in the door;
They banned abortion with a law from 1864. (1)

The motivations of such actions are quite clear to see.
The roots: “White Christian Nationalist” theology.
This does not mean all Christians, just the Protestants, and White,
And only some of these, yet the whole nation’s in this plight.

The word, “abortion” isn’t in the Bible anywhere.
Search either Jewish or the Christian Bibles: it’s not there.
At the first breath at birth is when the newborn gets its soul (2)
And not right at conception, if you check your Torah scroll.

Is this a new Crusade today, “Subdue the infidels!
“Control our women, and send all non-Christians straight to hell?”
Has God commanded some of us: “Destroy democracy!?”
Must we establish here White Christian ruled theocracy?

Both judge and legislator may be ruled by their belief.
That’s not what they’re supposed to do. How do we gain relief?
Give heed to education of all of our candidates.
Do everything you can to rule out mental bantamweights.

Society’s complexities bring changes every day.
Should all opinions from the eighteenth century hold sway?
Then, slavery was legal, and our women could not vote.
Our Founding Fathers concepts, therefore, can’t be all she wrote.

(1) Arizona Supreme Court, April 12, 2021. They ruled that a law from the time that Arizona was just a territory, governed the state today.
(2) Genesis 2: 7. God breathed the breath or soul of life: the “neshama chaim,” into the human, Adam, and he “became a living being.” (nefesh chaya.”) From this, Jews conclude that the “soul” enters humans at their first breath, not at “conception,” which is not mentioned. One should give some credit in this dispute to the folks who wrote the story.