April 16, Why the Ladies Don’t Like Trump (parody of ‘The Lady Is A Tramp’)

Donald Trump’s pecker got him in a jam,
Because he likes to wham, bam, thank you, ma’am.
Now he’s on trial for his cover-up scam.
And lots of ladies don’t like Trump.

Trump screwed a porn star and Playboy Playmate.
Which might have hurt him as a candidate.
That’s why he’s in court up in New York State.
Since these two ladies don’t like Trump.

Because the law has come after him,
Prospects look dim,
On bail,
Next jail?
It’s clear that Trump’s fortunes are in a slump,
And lots of ladies don’t like Trump.

Now James and Willis are both on Trump’s ass,
They’re showing Donald’s a man with no class.
In contrast Biden, each week, attends Mass.
That’s why these ladies don’t like Trump.

Jack Smith has felony charges to bring.
And lots of witnesses waiting to sing.
Jack also put Donald’s ass in a sling.
And hopes that juries won’t like Trump.

Will juries soon put Donald in jail,
Revoke his bail?
Trump broke,
No joke?
It’s long past time to toss Trump in the dump
And show that juries don’t like Trump.

Trump likes dictators like Putin and Xi.
He says, “I’ll be them if you elect me.”
“Which means I will let myself off Scot free.”
That’s why the judges don’t like Trump.

Witnesses all know of Trump’s larceny
One, David Pecker, is an irony.
All know that Donald will bring tyranny.
All those who know him don’t like Trump.

Trump is rude, lewd, and now getting screwed,
Conduct is crude,
So crass,
No class.
Is this disaster or just a speed bump?
More and more people don’t like Trump.

(1) May be sung to, “The Lady Is a Tramp,” a song by Rodgers and Hart, from their 1937 musical, “Babes in Arms.” It has been recorded by many artists. Perhaps the best known is Frank Sinatra. The lyrics have varied a bit when different artists recorded the song.