December 30, Donald’s Mental Illness

December 30, Donald’s Mental Illness


Is Donald’s mental illness making him believe his lies,

That he saw the election stolen right before our eyes?

A little insurrection would preserve democracy,

At least until Steve Bannon founded Trump’s autocracy.


A pathologic narcissist: that much is obvious,

So Trump requires his minions to be “Pence obsequious.”

But Mike Pence failed him in the end and certified the vote.

To Trump’s disgust, Mike would not be Trump’s sacrificial goat.


McCarthy learned he was required to kneel and kiss the ring.

Mark Meadows fell from grace, although he says he will not sing.

Jim Jordan has stayed faithful (and we think he helped to plan.)

And now he may risk prison time for “standing by his man.”  (1)


Trump stirred his mob to violence, then watched them on TV,

As they attacked the Congress, showing Trump their fealty.

Though people died and cops were injured, Donald failed to act.

He hoped the mob could stop the vote; that’s an established fact.


His allies in the Congress and his family tried and tried

To get Trump to call off the mob but he brushed them aside.

The riot lasted several hours: the Capitol attacked.

But Congress certified the vote, though they had been ransacked.


Since Trump’s a narcissist who lost the total vote to Joe,

(In fact, he lost it twice,) he can’t believe we told him, “No!” (2)

So Donald’s fragile ego must explain these facts away.

His Big Lie was the answer; he was robbed election day.


If Donald is indicted, will he plead insanity?

If he believes his lies then it is not mendacity?

If he believes that he was robbed, then it’s OK to plot

Sedition, usually a crime.  But if you’re nuts, it’s not? (3)


  • With apologies to Tammy Wynette and her 1968 country hit, “Stand By Your Man.”
  • Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton in 2016 by 2.9 million votes and to Joe Biden in 2020 by 7 million votes.
  • Can you imagine Donald Trump claiming an insanity defense?