December 28, Jared Schmeck

December 28, Jared Schmeck (1)


Is Schmeck a “Schmeckel,” or, more likely, a “Schmuck?”

Since, “Schmeck” means “taste” in German; Jared has none.

A strong Trump supporter, who’s down on his luck,

He trolled Biden on TV; that’s tasteless fun.


First, “Schmuck” meant “jewelry,’ then “family jewels.”

Then, from German to Yiddish, it became “dick.”

Then, “Schmeckel,” diminutive, from grammar rules,

Means a little boy’s penis or “a little prick.”


So, now we have Jared Schmeck, a crude Trump fan.

In Yiddish or English: a schmuck, just the same.

But Schmeck seems the wrong name for this tasteless man

Just change “e” to “u;” it’s a much better name!


  • Jared Schmeck, a Trumpist from Oregon, called to a live TV chat with President Biden on Christmas Eve, and taunted him with “Let’s go Brandon!” He later called into the Steve Bannon podcast to opine that he clearly meant the “F U” insult.