December 27, The Balls of Ron DeSantis 

December 27, The Balls of Ron DeSantis  (1)


DeSantis has a pair of balls, apparently no brain.

Is that why his Floridians are circling the drain?

Opposing vaccine mandates while he watches Covid spread,

He leaves his voters free to choose to lie among the dead.


We know that Ron DeSantis wants to be the president.

His base is mostly good old boys; that much is evident,

And right wing fundamentalists, where science is defied.

But have they noticed recently how many preachers died?


Ron’s heart directs his blood supply clear down to swell his balls.

There’s none left over for his brain, where circulation stalls.

Is that why Omicron, without a neuron to its name,

Can outthink Ron DeSantis, to his everlasting shame?


He’ll run again for governor but what if he gets beat?

Can his bid for the presidency shake off such defeat?

Will voters want a pair of balls below an empty head?

By 2024, all those who might, just might be dead.


  • News item. Ron DeSantis is selling pairs of golf balls advertising his opposition to vaccine mandates.