December 31, Onward! Covid Variants (parody to ‘Onward! Christian Soldiers’)

December 31, Onward! Covid Variants (Tune: Onward! Christian Soldiers)


Onward! Covid variants, Red States on your side.

They think Christ will save them but their preachers lied.

Those who will not vaccinate, trusting God instead,

Often find their trust misplaced and sometimes wind up dead.

Onward! Covid variants, now Omicron burns bright.

It has lots of kindling, mostly on the right.


Onward! anti-scientists, feed the Covid flame.

If you sicken and die, you’ve yourselves to blame.

Epidemiologists told us what to do.

If you do not heed their words, you might bid us adieu.

Onward! anti-scientists, let Covid rule your fate.

Ignorance will triumph; fires of hell await.


Onward! Covid Omicron, surging through the land.

Give thanks for the Trumpists, who keep your flames fanned.

Omicron read Darwin’s words; that’s how it evolved.

Trumpists were all on its side, its sins will be absolved.

Onward! Covid Omicron, mutate and replicate.

Become more infectious; sweep through every state.