December 23, Complete 1-6 Report

December 23, Complete 1-6 Report


Is Donald as bad as we thought, or worse?

Will history label Donald a curse?

He plotted an insurrection that failed;

The 1-6 Report showed chapter and verse.


Trump plotted an insurrection that failed:

Democracy threatened and then assailed.

Is Donald Trump sailing a sinking ship?

As more days go by, will more rats have bailed?


Are Trump’s enterprises a sinking ship?

Will any Trump co-conspirators flip?

How many attorneys will be disbarred

As strong jaws of justice tighten their grip?


How many Trump lawyers will be disbarred?

To catch them in lies has not proven hard.

Some eight hundred pages plus summary

Suggest many should be feathered and tarred.


Some eight hundred pages plus summary,

Show “less than forthcoming” and perjury

By a few witnesses who testified,

As they mixed loyalty with treachery.


Some of the witnesses who testified

Gave damning evidence Trump should be fried.

Trump was the cause of the 1-6 attack.

So, when will he be indicted and tried?


We know that Trump caused the 1-6 attack,

Democracy almost stabbed in the back.

But unless Trump is now held to account,

There’s still a chance for a Trumpist comeback.


If Donald Trump is not held to account,

Our nation of laws is down for the count.

The enemy faced will prove to be us.

Are we a challenge that we can surmount?