December 24, Celebrations

December 24, Celebrations


It’s time that we gather with our kin and kith

And other folks that we would like to be with.

Each culture has stories that they celebrate

While thinking: “My myth is better than your myth.”


Now science has shown us why we celebrate.

(That happens when curious folks contemplate.)

The Earth’s tilted axis makes days short or long.

So solstice and equinox always rotate.


And, when we light candles to make days grow long

And mumble our mantras, lift voices in song,

We thought that such services brought back the light;

And, for thousands of years, our faith remained strong.


At one time the sun was a kind god whose light

Gave warmth through the daytime, then rested at night.

But each year it faded and now we know why

It’s weak in December, then once more gets bright.


A bummer for science to tell us all why

The days will get longer; we don’t have to try

To please any gods or acknowledge their birth.

Just sit there and wait; it gets hot in July.


Or pick out a god and acknowledge his birth.

And then let the orbit and spin of the Earth

Make our days get longer, then shorter again.

(And down south, the opposite, for what it’s worth.)


The days will get shorter, then longer again                                                        ,

If your gods are women or if they are men.

Or, if you don’t care if there are gods or not….

Or whatever the state of grace that you’re in.


Some are sure there are gods, some sure there are not.

Belief usually follows what your parents taught.

But now is the season of peace and goodwill.

Merry Christmas to all; what’s wrong with that thought?