December 18, O,  Little Town of Washington  (parody to O’ Little Town of Bethlehem)

December 18, O,  Little Town of Washington  (1)


O, little town of Washington,

Tied up in Trump’s Big Lie,

While Congress works, Trump’s loyal jerks

Refuse to testify.

Some take the Fifth Amendment;

Some don’t show up at all.

Though it’s a ruse, some others choose

To go to court to stall.


Trump rests in Mar a Lago, where

He might be in a jamb.

His business now, a new cash cow,

An email funding scam.

Now he may face indictments

From up in New York State.

To Trump’s chagrin, if Feds join in,

They might incarcerate.


Trump stirred up insurrection and

It looks like it has failed.

Some people died; some have been tried;

Some Trumpists have been jailed.

Trump’s partners in sedition,

Have now been brought to light.

In Trump’s trash bin, some Congressmen

Feel nooses getting tight.


Republicans stay loyal, and

Look like Pinocchio.

They won’t deny the Trump Big Lie.

And we watch noses grow.

It’s all about their power,

And not democracy.

Mendacity, duplicity,

Here comes autocracy!


  • May be sung to, “O, Little Town of Bethlehem.” The original lyrics, written in 1868, were a poem by an American Episcopal minister, Phillips Brooks. The tune was written, literally overnight, by Brooks’ organist, Louis Redner, for a Christmas Sunday service.  The British use a different tune, but since this is an American song, who cares?