December 20, Social Responsibility

December 20, Social Responsibility


What do we do with those who don’t care for the common good,

When the religions they profess all tell them that they should?

Refusing masks and vaccines, citing “freedom” to decide,

We now know is a fatal, anti-scientific guide.


The Trumpists disdain science and rely on Donald’s gut:

Not expertise, instead, HS, expelled from Donald’s butt.   (1)

But ignorance is murderous as Covid sweeps the land.

And “freedom” to decide becomes a suicidal stand.


Refusing masks and vaccines means you’ll likely spread disease,

A threat to self and neighbor when you just do as you please.

To value individual freedom more than common good,

Can be a fatal judgment, when it’s just based on falsehood.


So, Trumpists, anti-vaxxers, all the others of your ilk,

The deaths that you have helped to cause are not simply spilt milk.

Almost a million lives were lost and many more will die,

For that’s the cost we pay when you don’t think of “us,” just, “I”.


  • HS is the Homo equivalent of BS, from the Latin for the bovine species,