December 17, Covid Reads Darwin

December 17, Covid Reads Darwin


I think we should all feel ashamed of ourselves,

For just leaving Darwin on library shelves.

For Covid has read him and learned what to do

And now might spoil Santa, his reindeer, and elves.


Yes, Covid read Darwin and learned what to do.

Mutation, selection: that strategy’s true.

So, Covid’s made Delta and now Omicron;

For stubborn behavior, harsh payment comes due.


Yes, Covid’s made Delta and now, Omicron.

Mutation gave them new proteins to try on.

They’ll join you in church, wink at you in a bar.

And they love the dolts who believe QAnon.


They’ll join you in church and in your favorite bar.

That means that they’ll find you wherever you are.

If you take them home, and let them replicate,

It might be a long haul, with no au revoir.


When you take either home, then they’ll replicate.

It won’t be a quickie, to just fornicate.

They’ll get in your nose, spread to lungs, and bloodstream.

A fact anti-vaxxers try to obfuscate.


They’ll go everywhere, once they’re in your bloodstream.

And now Omicron has a full head of steam.

If you won’t wear a mask and won’t take vaccine,

Then you’ll be advancing the Omicron scheme.


If you won’t wear a mask and won’t take vaccine,

Then you’ll be unable to keep your nose clean.

You’re dumber than viruses, (which have no brain.)

And guilty of treason with Covid 19.