December 12, Words and Deeds

December 12, Words and Deeds


You Jews and Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Q adherents, too:

Should we ask what you all believe or just watch what you do?

Loud proclamations of your faith may be aimed to deceive.

So, what you do’s a better guide to show what you believe.


Though what we say and what we do are sometimes just an act,

We all know what we’ve done is more of an established fact.

So, polytheists, monotheists, go on and profess.

Your acts speak louder than your words, most acts are not BS.


Condoning insurrection, which perhaps you helped to plan,

To demonstrate your worship of a narcissistic man,

And, acting on Trump’s claim of fraud, creating your false god,

All demonstrate hypocrisy, at home and far abroad.


Republicans say January 6th was not so bad.

And they don’t seem to mind that Putin was Trump’s best comrade.

With Red States passing laws to overturn the voter’s will,

There’s no outrage in Congress; the Republicans keep still.


You claim that you’re not racists but suppress the votes of blacks.

We hear what you are claiming, but your actions leave clear tracks.

So, do you think that we can’t see, or do you just not care?

When you lose an election, does that mean it was unfair?


Though Jesus warned against hypocrisy in Matthew 6.

You don’t seem to be bothered by such ethical conflicts.

You say you value fair elections, then suppress the votes.

Your credibility’s a suicide that stinks and bloats.


Your anti-science attitudes don’t prove your piety.

Instead, they might suggest belligerent stupidity.

Refusing to consider what belligerence might cost,

Your vaccination opposition means more lives are lost.


The Roman Catholic Church has said abortion is a sin.

Some Protestants, our Fundamentalists, are joining in.

Do women have the right to say, “My body and my choice?”

Or, will Supreme Court “Justices” vote to deny their voice?