December 10, Coronavirus Omicron

December 10, Coronavirus Omicron


The Coronaviruses mutate a lot

And the Covid 19 is one of their lot,

With its variants now up to Omicron,

It’s helped to mutate if you won’t get a shot.


With its variants now up to Omicron,

Which baits and switches, like a Donald Trump con.

The first surface proteins it puts on display,

May not stay unaltered and soon may be gone.


A first set of proteins is put on display,

And soon, antibodies will join in the fray.

And just when immunity’s gaining control,

Some mutants appear and we chase a new prey.


For, just when immunity might gain control,

Mutation, selection just might move the goal.

Some three billions of years that has been the rule;

Mutation, selection, in RNA’s soul.


Ever since life began, mutation’s the rule.

Since Charles Darwin’s time, students learn that in school.

And RNA viruses, down to this day,

Have learned, by mutation, to play dirty pool.


So, naturally, Covid plays that way today.

If it infects widely, there’ll be hell to pay.

If it replicates more, its chances to change,

Will become almost certain, to our dismay.


And more replication means more viral change,

With no limitation to mutation’s range.

To break this cycle, we must all vaccinate

And not let the Covid genome rearrange.