December 14, Mark Meadows

December 14, Mark Meadows


Mark Meadows, Mark Meadows, just what have you done?

Foment insurrection?  And, did you have fun?

Now Congress is clamping your balls in a vice.

Have you been caught giving seditious advice?


The House has now voted that you’re in contempt.

Because you’re contemptible?  You’re not exempt.

A member of Congress, then Trump’s Chief of Staff,

Will you go to prison on Donald’s behalf?


Do you want to risk prison up to a year?

Or more for sedition, (the sentence is clear.)

You’re loyal to Trump; is he loyal to you?

Or will he just casually bid you adieu?


Your papers, unprivileged, pissed off Donald Trump.

Now you’re dead to him, your corpse cast in the dump.

Some members of Congress have backed Trump’s attack;

Now, what will they say when they’re stretched on the rack?


Resisting subpoenas with no legal case,

Contempt for the Congress is clear on its face.

With your case submitted to the DOJ,

The whole country waits for what they have to say.


Mark Meadows, Mark Meadows, you pissed off the Don.

To “swim with the fishes?”  A sacrificed pawn?

In Dante’s “Inferno,” which level of Hell

Will be your abode?  Does the eighth ring a bell? (1)


  • In Dante’s Inferno, Hell had nine circles, each occupied by different types of sinners. The Eighth Circle (fraudsters) seems most appropriate for both Trump and Meadows.  You are free to do your own research and agree or disagree.